Portable DIY Corn Hole and Tic Tac Toe Board




A person holding a handle attached to a game board that is decorated in red, white, and blue representing the look of an American flag.
What’s better than spending the 4th of July with friends and family members? Not much! Add to the festivities this holiday with a self made, portable, two-in-one game board and bring the fun wherever you go. 
To complete this project you will need the following materials:
13” x 19” Wood board
19” long wood stick x 2
19” long wood trim x 2
11” long wood stick x 4
3.25” long wood stick x 6
4” long wood stick x 2
3/4″ hinges x 2
Paint- I used ULTRA PURE WHITE, Bon Nuit MQ5-14 and No More Drama P140-7
Painters tape
Wood glue
Red and blue corn bags
1″ Screws
Miter or hand saw
Jig saw
Power drill
Small paint roller and/or brush
Step 1: Prepare your wood pieces
Measure and cut all the wood pieces to size with your miter/hand saw. Make a 5″ diameter hole on the top section of your 13” x 19” wood board with a jig saw.
An electric saw with wood pieces being cut. Wood pieces cut to size and shapes needed for the game board.
Step 2: Attach the back pieces
Attach the two 19” long wood sticks to the back of the wood board with wood screws.
Using a drill to make a hole in the wood.
Step 3: Decorate the front (optional)
On the front side of the wood board, attach the two 19” long decorative trim pieces.
Placing wood trim onto the flat wood board. Placing screws into the board and frame
Step 4: Attach handle
Mark the spots that you want to attach the handle to the 11″ wood piece using a pencil. Drill holes in the marked spots and attach the handle with screws.
Marking with a pencil spot for handle hole Drilling hole for handle.
Step 5: Glue the handle
Glue the handle piece to the top of back of the wood board. Secure it in place with clamps and allow to dry.
Placing glue on wood. Placing wood on top of the glue and securing with clamps
Step 6: Create tic tac toe board
While the handle is drying, create a tic tac toe board with the two 11” long wood pieces and six 3.25” pieces.  Line them up to create a symmetrical grid and glue them in place.  Allow the glue to dry 24 hours before painting,
Adding glue to small strips of wood and placing on board.
Step 7: Mask out design
Use painters tape to create your design.  I chose to create a modified US flag design for the holiday.
Adding painters tape to board for creating the striped area.
Step 8: Paint design
Use a small paint roller and/or paint brush to paint in your design on the front and back of your board.

If your design requires multiple masks allow the paint to dry for 30 mins and then remove the tape.  Allow the paint to dry an additional hour, or until there are no wet or tacky areas.

When surface is dry, apply tape to outline patterned areas.  I applied the tape here to fill in the stripes of the flag and paint blue area.
Painting the last unpainted area of the board in blue.
Step 9: Paint and attach legs
Paint the 4″ leg pieces and allow them to dry.  When ready attach them to the top of the game board with 3/4″ hinges.
Adding hinges for the legs.
Step 10: Play!
Grab your corn bags get playing with your loved ones.
Finished game board placed on a grassy ground set up to play corn hole. Finished game board placed on a grassy ground set up to play tic tac toe.
Happy 4th of July!
Colorfully yours,
Sha Khezri

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