DIY Painted Votive Project




Four painted votives using BEHR paint.
You don’t always have to repaint an entire room to change its look and feel. Sometimes, even the smallest projects can make a big difference. Today we’re going to show you how adding a little paint to votives can give your space the pop of color you’re looking for.

What You’ll Need:
BEHR paint (sample size or leftover gallon). We used Seared Gray T15-2 and Mocha Foam T15-17
Assortment of small paintbrushes
Bowl or container
Wax paper
Glass votives
Tea lights
Paper towels

A frame showing all materials needed to paint glass votives: paint, assortment of small paintbrushes, glass votives and tea lights.
1 Take paint and pour into containers.
A frame showing a woman's hand dipping a glass votive into dark gray paint.
2 Dip votive into paint, coating just the bottom half, and slowly remove. Brush off excess paint from bottom and place on wax paper, picking up and setting down several times to remove excess paint. Leave on wax paper to dry.
A frame showing two glass votives with different paint designs.
3 Take another votive and use small paintbrush to create a design on the inside and/or outside of the glass.
A glass votive painted with a beige paint color.
4 Repeat as often as desired.
Four painted votives with dark gray and being paint. Lit tealights inside glass votives.
5 Once dry, place tea lights in votives and enjoy!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got at least one place in your house that would be a perfect spot for a few candles. Rather than paying a premium for decorative candle holders, pick up some plain glass votives and decorate them yourself!

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