A bedroom featuring the color  KINDLING N200-6. The wall is decorated with white frames and the room has a wooden chair and a bed with a white comforter.

Kindling is a warm toned color that embraces the great outdoors by bringing those warm bonfire memories back into your home.

Can shot of KINDLING N200-6.
A burning camp fire.

Welcome your mornings by submerging yourself in the tranquility and balance that this color creates around you. Whether you are reading a book, planning your next camping trip or just relaxing, you will want to think back to all the memories you have ever created around a campfire with your loved ones.

Roasting the perfect s’more, singing along to your favorite songs and all of the laughs you all have shared will be encompassed in this color all together. Pair Kindling N200-6 with soft whites and grays to create a warm and cozy feel in any room.

Featured colors: Walls- Kindling N200-6, Trim- ULTRA PURE WHITE

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Daniela Donato

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