Trend Color Spotlight: Life Is A Peach

Hallway with wall painted in Life is a Peach
If you are seeking a color to wrap yourself up in warmth and comfort, look no further! A most suitable choice for Valentine’s Day, our trend color spot light this month is Life Is A Peach T17-05.
life is a peach paint drop
The peach family is well known for its innate ability to evoke a sense of welcome, and to subdue feelings of unease and anxiety.  Because of this, we find peach a popular choice for greeting, entertainment and rest areas.
Hallway painted in life is a peach
What we love about Life Is A Peach is it’s delicate color presence, softly emanating its color, without overwhelming. Pair Life Is A Peach with warm or bright whites and gold accents for a more mature look.
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