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A photo of the same entryway sitting side by side. First picture shows the entry wiuth a blue door and purple bench. Second pictures show the entry with a white door and peach bench.
There are so many things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home – from landscaping and foliage to hardware and lighting – but color remains the foundation of your exterior style, no matter your style preferences. So whether you’re bright and bold, or cool and calm, it’s always wise to start with color.

An entry with a blue colored door painted in Blueprint and purple colored bench painted in Standing Ovation.
Start at your front door
Painting your front exterior door is a great way to make a high-impact, low-budget upgrade to your home. This should be the first place you look, as it’s likely the focal point of your overall exterior styling and can help inform other  front décor decisions.
Want to add some energy to your outdoor decor? Adding a pop of color to your front door is a fun way to draw attention to the entry of your home, while giving you a chance to explore different hues, including those you feel are too bold for more expansive exterior surfaces, like siding or shutters. On this exterior, I used Behr’s 2019 Color of the Year, Blueprint S470-5. It’s a confident, yet soft mid-tone blue that works well with a variety of color palettes, making it perfect for mixing and matching. 
Pairing the door with an accent bench in Standing Ovation N570-2, a soft lilac purple created a very welcoming, lively exterior entry.

An entry with a door painted the same color as the home, Cotton Grey and a peach colored bench painted in Sand Dance.
Use accents to create appeal
If you prefer a more modest, uniform appearance, keeping the color of your front entrance the same color as the rest of your home can deliver a clean look. As an alternative to my more vibrant version of this space, I continued Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20 along the entire exterior front door entry. You can still incorporate other exterior elements to add touches of color, like this bench (Sand Dance S190-2), which adds interest while keeping that clean feel. The bench’s warm, smooth hue pairs seamlessly with the overall space.
When it comes to accents, keep your space fresh by switching things up throughout the seasons or holidays. Whether you’re into vibrant or modest stylings, don’t forget you can always incorporate additional color through seasonal accents.

Identify complementary colors
Regardless of your design style, finding complementary colors is key to tying your front door curb appeal together. Neutrals, earth tones, and varied shades of your predominant color can be a great way to complement your whole space. In both of my examples, Watery HDC-CT-26, a soft pale blue can be easily layered to complement each color combination, whether through planters or seasonal accent pieces along the corner of the entryway.
Interested in using some of the new Behr Color Trends? Check out the Behr’s  color trends 2021 to boost your curb appeal. 

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