Father’s Day DIY Bottle Opener

by Sha Khezri

It’s that time of year again, the day we say thanks to the number one man in our lives. So you’ve got your Father’s Day card picked out already, but missing that something special to give dear ol’ dad. Nothing pleases a poppa more than a gift from the heart! This year, put on those your work duds and make him something truly special.   

Materials needed:

Wood board- we used 3- 6″x 20″ pieces

Paint (1 or more colors) -we used Emergency Zone P190-6 and Blazing Bonfire P250-7

Wide mouth mason jar- we used 8″ jars

Screw on bottle openers

Metal hose clamps

Paint rollers and roller covers

Paint tray

1″ wood screws

Tools needed:

Miter saw or hand saw

Power drill or screw driver

Ruler/measuring tape

Step 1: Measure your wood

With a ruler or tape measure, measure your wood and mark it at your desired length. We decided to cut our wood into three 6″ x 20” pieces.


Step 2: Cut your wood

Use a miter/hand saw to cut your wood on the marked lines.


Step 3: Paint your board(s)

With a roller, paint your board. Allow to dry and apply second coat if necessary/desired.


Step 4: Measure and mark

With a measuring tool, find the center of your board.  Mark on your board where you want to attach the bottle opener and where the jar will hang from.


Step 5: Drill

With your power drill/screw driver and wood screws, secure your objects into the wood where marked.


Step 6: Hang in place

Present to your father, give him a big hug, and let the festivities begin!

Step 6

Wall color featured: Patio Stone N360-6

Wishing you a wonderful father’s day!

Colorfully yours,

-Sha Khezri

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  1. mansour khezri says:

    Great job and great idea

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