An Oasis of Indoor Plants

This image shows a range of plants in a living room setting. There is a cream sofa with monochromatic green pillows. A leather chair and wooden stand. The focal point is the beautiful plants being displayed throughout the living room.

Indoor plants not only bring in a range of green tones but they purify the air that you breathe in any room of your home.

Houseplants have many great benefits for yourself and your family. They are proven to boost your mood so if you have had one of those rough days just the sight of pure greenery will put you in a positive feeling. Having plants also increases productivity and creativity. Whether is it being creative in the kitchen, your home office or in the living room with the kiddos working on fun projects having plants around will be more beneficial for you and your family.

This is a narrow kitchen with plants. Open shelving with plants and a plant being shown in the foreground.

Having plants in your bedroom will relieve stress and anxiety after any long day. They will remind you of the great outdoors and bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. Rejuvenate yourself by adding a plant or two in your bedroom

A crisp and clean white painted bedroom. There are a few plants, a tv, a clothing rack, a crate as a night stand and a bed with a white comforter.

Take the time today to coordinate your home oasis with plants. All plants coordinate harmoniously with any paint color you have on the wall.

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