How Colors Affect Mood

One wall of a bedroom with wall painted in Voyage. 
Brown headboard with blue furnishings on bed. Two side tables with plants and decorative elements.

Color plays a big role in your home and how it will affect your mood. Before choosing a color, it is good to know how you will be using the space and how you want to feel when you’re in it. Different colors can bring out certain emotions that we’ll cover in this post.

If you are looking to feel calm, relaxed and at peace you might gravitate towards light to mid tone hues with a cool undertone. In the bedroom above, Voyage PPU13-07  is a balanced muted blue. If you are going for a serene like vibe, this color and similar colors will be the ideal choice.

Bedroom with background wall in a dark almost black color in Broadway and left side wall in Canyon Dusk. 
Decorative elements with side table, shelves and plants.

This bedroom feels like a soothing sanctuary. The warmth of Canyon Dusk S210-4 and Almond Wisp PPU5-12  generate enthusiasm and positivity. A black bold accent wall in Broadway PPU18-20 elevates the room with a note of drama.

Dining Room walls painted in Red Pepper PPU2-02. Chairs, table and mid-century modern dresser.

When used well, red can trigger the best feelings of power, strength and energy. A red hue in a dining room is the perfect area to lift your mood. Red Pepper PPU2-02  is a beautiful shade of burnt red that is bold and adventurous.

Dining room breakfast nook with walls painted in a green Bitter Sage N390-4.

If you prefer a relaxed and natural setting in your dining space, you may consider a soothing green like Bitter Sage N390-4. Muted green can enhance feelings of joy and inner peace.

Laundry room painted in Surfboard Yellow P280-4. There is a stacked washer and dryer. Bench to the right of the washer and dryer. To the left of the washer and dryer is a dog nook.

Energize your laundry room with a burst of optimistic color. Surfboard Yellow P280-4 is a bright sunny day color that feels like a wave of cheerfulness.

Laundry room painted in Light Drizzle N480-1. There is a stacked washer and dryer. Laundry basket to the right of the washer and dryer. To the left of the washer and dryer is a dog nook.

If you’re looking for more of a relaxed laundry room atmosphere opt for a serene mood with Light Drizzle N480-1, its subtle blue gray tone will help soothe you.

Open and airy foyer with walls painted in Polar Bear 75. Black door from the inside of the home and black rails leading up stairway.

Lastly is considering the mood you want upon entering your home. If you are looking for clean, simple and refreshing statement, try a warm white like Polar Bear 75. Any warm or cool white will give off a sense of calmness and comfort. A touch of black accents will help ground and add elegance to the space.

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