Golden Hues

An inspiration board featuring golden-yellow color paint drops; Saffron Strands PPU6-02, Charismatic PPU6-14, Amber Autumn S290-5
Images are of the following: 
An outside pathway of stairs covered with yellow and brown fall leaves. There is a small dog sitting in the foreground on the steps.
A hallway painted in a slightly vibrant golden-yellow paint color. The wall is covered with pictures and a bench sits in front of the wall.
A laundry room with the walls painted in a medium toned golden-yellow paint color.
An exterior entryway with the house painted in a soft golden-yellow paint color.

Saffron Strands PPU6-02, Charismatic PPU6-14, and Amber Autumn S290-5 are beautiful and engaging fall hues. These yellow-tones are softened with a touch of gold giving them a cozy yet somewhat energetic feel. They resemble the crisp autumn leaves that fill the trees during this time of year.

Saffron Strands gives this hallway interest and warmth. The color draws you in and becomes the backdrop; letting the focal point be the presentation on your wall. The once walkway to another room becomes a place of significance to display keepsakes.

The soft, warm tone of Charismatic works nicely in this laundry room. The cheery hue keeps the space feeling lively and spirited, providing energy for your daily chores.

This entry presents a warm welcome to your family and guest. Amber Autumn pairs nicely with the soft white tones and stunning dark colored door.  The color combination suggests comfort in and out of your home.

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