3 Easy Exterior Updates

Adding a little curb appeal to your home’s exterior is easier than you think! Small upgrades in splashes of color, fixtures and accessories can pay off big in your home’s value and neighborhood standing. 
There is no hiding your home’s exterior.   No matter how clean and coordinated your interior is, if your exterior isn’t, you run the risk of being, “that” house on the block.  “But, exterior upgrades are expensive!” you say, and you are not wrong.  Depending on the size of your home, exterior paint jobs can be an investment in the thousands.
The good news is, small scale upgrades can go along way to improve your home’s look, and with minimal financial investment. I will share some update suggestions along with three easy looks you can do yourself without breaking the bank.
Suggestion #1: Clean your home’s exterior
Your home’s exterior may be in good shape, but perhaps, appears a little dingy under all the dirt.  An easy fix for that is a little soap, water and elbow grease.  Pressure washers can be purchased or rented from your local hardware store, sponges, scrub brushes and buckets are inexpensive investments.  Giving your home a once over, even lightly, can have a big impact on its appearance.
Suggestion #2: Paint an accent color
Freshen the look of your exterior by painting your front door a new color. Whether your color selection is subtle, or bold, nothing achieves refresh wonders like a fresh coat of paint. I recommend a quart of our Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Satin Enamel for color richness and durability.
Suggestion #3: The difference is in the details
Last, but not least, updating your entry hardware, fixtures, plants and colorful entry mats will add that extra bit of polish.  For a unified look try to coordinate the finish and style of the hardware you select. Placing flowers or shrubbery on either side of the front door will add classy color and interest.
Now that you have the quick and cost effective updating tips take a look at the three looks we’ve put together below.
Look 1: Clean and Classic
Delicate hues in soft aqua and white subtly update this traditional home.  Gold accents elevate the look adding warmth and elegance.
easy exterior updates natures reflection Paint drops in whites and green.
Body: White 52, Front Door Color: Nature’s Reflections N430-2, Front Door Trim Color: ULTRA PURE WHITE
Look 2: Contemporary Character
Give your entryway a fresh, modern look with a vivid pop of color and streamlined fixtures.
Easy exterior updates fired up close knit Paint drops in whites and orange
Body: Close Knit T17-01, Front Door Color: Fired Up T17-19, Front Door Trim Color: ULTRA PURE WHITE
Look 3: Free and Easy Farmstead
Soft blue grays and sage toned greens make for an inviting farmhouse entrance.
Easy exterior updates coney island weathered moss Paint drops in whites and blue.
Body: Coney Island N440-5, Front Door Color: Weathered Moss N380-3, Front Door Trim Color: ULTRA PURE WHITE

For more inspiration, check out our blog Colorful Front Door Curb Appeal Ideas for Any Style and, use Behr’s ColorSmart tool to explore all exterior paint colors or preview exterior door paint colors for your front door with Paint Your Place!

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  • Shannon Kelly says...

    What sheen do you recommend for the exterior siding? This top palette is what I’m going for!! Going to get more samples today. I think I have tried a million. :/

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Shannon, thank you for visiting our blog!
      For exterior we recommend satin sheen.

      Colorfully Yours,

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