Color of the Month: Breezeway

Living room with walls painted in Breezeway
Breezeway, our color of the month for June, is a minty, blue-green with a delicate and calming nature.  A timeless and elegant color, Breezeway adds an air of sophistication to a space making a wonderful backdrop or accent in any room of the house.
Paint drop representing the color Breezeway.

Breezeway MQ3-21

Breezeway is a fantastic color to use in small rooms, as cool pastel hues are perfect for expanding the perception of space. Adding in a bold accent, like the aqua blue featured below, helps enliven a space and make a powerful statement- without being too unsettling.
Corner of a bedroom with the walls painted in Breezeway.
Breezeway can be a gorgeous addition to outdoor spaces. It’s a soft, subtle enough color to paint your home’s exterior- perfect for a beach cottage or Victorian architectural styles.
Exterior home front porch with walls painted in Breezeway.
If you are looking to an accent only- Breezeway also makes a lovely backdrop for featured pieces like potted plants, artwork, and decorative pieces.
Exterior siding with a shelf and plants placed on shelf. Siding is painted in color the color Breezeway.
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  • Dharshi says...

    Hi, we chose close knit for our living room, yet to see how it turns out. Fingers crossed

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Dharshi,
      Thank you for visiting our blog!
      Great choice! 🙂
      Colorfully Yours,

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