Color of the Month: Lemon Burst

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August is the summer month of clear blue skies and and radiant sunshine, which is why we are featuring a soft, sunny yellow for the color of the month.  Lemon Burst T17-20 is the spirit of sunbeams, citrus and happiness; it’s the color that captures a perfect summer day. This bold, happy hue adds a splash of sunshine to the design of any room, any time of year. 

Inside the home, Lemon Burst makes any space feel a bit more lively. Paint the walls of a reading nook, kitchen or bedroom to make the space feel open and bright, even on the cloudiest day. Balance this bold wall color with white trim and white or neutral upholstery fabrics, paired with hints of navy or cobalt blue.


Lemon Burst accents will add energy to an all-white space. Framed artwork featuring hints of bright yellow, a sunny console table, throw pillows or a bright ceramic vase are all ways enhance a room with Lemon Burst without using it as a wall color.


Add several splashes of this energetic shade around the room to create a cohesive look that is both exciting and inviting without overwhelming the senses.


Surprisingly versatile, lemon burst pairs well with neutrals, pastels and even dark tones. It’s a ray of sunlight that unites warm, neutral and cool shades. Mix a series of throw pillows in shades of Lemon Burst, pastel blue and red tones atop a gray sofa to experience the full glory of this amazing hue.


A splash of Lemon Burst on the porch -Adirondack chairs, throw pillows or even the planter boxes — perks up a neutral exterior, enhancing its curb appeal with an inviting sense of warmth. Friends and neighbors may find themselves irresistibly drawn to the sunny vibes emanating from the porch.

A home exterior painted in Behr color Lemon Burst brightens up the entire block with its cheery outlook.


Find this color in our 2017 Color Currents palette.

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2 responses to “Color of the Month: Lemon Burst”

  1. Kim says:

    I am looking for paint for kitchen and living room connected. Couch is antique yelllow with other colors white window coffee table..red chair..i love the grays. For walls and want to buy accect side table red and use..what gray color do you recommend?

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      Hello Kim,
      Thank you for your interest in Behr Products!
      We will recommend the following gray hues – Graceful Gray PPU18-12, Moth Gray N200-1, Doeskin Gray N200-2 or Classic Silver PPU18-11.
      We have 8oz samples we always recommend for testing out colors.

      Colorfully Yours,


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