Color of the Month: Old Amethyst

A collage of images representing the color: Old Amethyst
The February winter sky is a collection of deep gray clouds and intriguing slate and pastel sunsets. Behr color Old Amethyst MQ5-3 calls to mind the beauty hiding within the clouds and atmosphere on a mild, late winter evening, which is why we’ve chosen it as this months featured color.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for: Old Amethyst
On the exterior of a house, Old Amethyst pairs perfectly with white trim, windows and columns for a warm, inviting alternative to gray or dark blue. The hints of purple and blue in this enigmatic hue, especially when accompanied by white, create a beautiful backdrop for a flower garden or an outdoor living area. Add a white pergola that stands tall and proud against Old Amethyst’s bluish background, enhancing the view of the vines or ivy growing overhead. Round out the look with a natural-stone pathway in shades of slate and dusty pink, paving the way to an idyllic outdoor seating area just beyond the house.
An exterior home, outdoor living area with home painted in Old Amethyst
Paint the walls of a living room or other large, open space with Old Amethyst to add a touch of intrigue while making the space feel a little more cozy and comfortable. White chairs and silver decor accents take center stage in front of this dusty plum’s inner mystique. Fresh-cut flowers or a plant on the table stand out as if in the spotlight, adding their natural energy to the room, any time of year.
A living room painted in Old Amethyst
If an entire wall of Old Amethyst seems a bit overwhelming, use it instead on moldings in a room painted in a white or light gray tinted with hints of blue or lilac. Enhance the room’s eclectic elegance even more by painting interior doors or even a piece of furniture. Add gold, silver and pearly white accents, to make the space even more stunning.
A sitting area, walls trim is painted in Old Amethyst
Furniture colored Old Amethyst adds a tantalizing touch to a modern-yet-comfortable living room, whether in a house in the ‘burbs or a condominium in Midtown Manhattan. Highlight a dusty purple couch with throw pillows in charcoal or white and additional room accents in pewter, silver or slate.  Add drapes that match the midnight sky as the perfect frame for both the room and a skyline view after dark.
A living room with a deep-purple colored couch.
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