Adding Paint Accents with Jungle Camouflage

A California contemporary bedroom featuring an accent wall painted with a green-gray called Jungle Camouflage.
Side Walls: Blank Canvas, Accent Wall: Jungle Camouflage

While accent walls are often painted in bold or vibrant colors, using a subtle accent color can create a more sophisticated look while still adding visual interest to the space. Jungle Camouflage N350-4, a timeless neutral green, offers endless and unexpected possibilities to transform your space. It is a versatile shade that makes a subtle statement on its own or, it can easily harmonize with other colors like light cozy neutrals or deep accents. 

This relaxed gray-green is the perfect backdrop to décor pieces or displayed behind a bed frame as a single wall accent–elegantly pairing nicely with wood tones and artwork. Explore how to incorporate the effortless beauty of Jungle Camouflage in smaller projects:

A console table that has been upcycled to a accent piece of furniture by painting it to a green color called Jungle Camouflage.
Table: Jungle Camouflage, Walls: Cotton Knit, Trim & Door : ULTRA PURE WHITE®

Painting interior doors with a gray-green color can create a subtle yet striking contrast against the surrounding walls.

A connecting area between a living room and dining room.  The opening that connects both areas has two doors that are painted in a gray-green accent color called Jungle Camouflage.
Walls: Cameo White, Doors: Jungle Camouflage, Cabinet: NYPD

Pairing Jungle Camouflage wainscoting and trim with light neutral upper walls adds definition to the architectural features of a dining room.

A modern Arts and Crafts dining room with wainscoting painted with Jungle Camouflage.
Top Wall: Cotton Knit, Wainscoting & trim: Jungle Camouflage, Fireplace: Midnight Blue Sawgrass

A fireplace mantle and frame in Jungle Camouflage adds a touch of creativity and personalized style to a living room space.

A fireplace frame and mantle painted with a gray-green color. The wall behind in is a light off-white which allows the green color to pop.
Wall & Trim: White, Fireplace Mantle: Jungle Camouflage

Painted staircase steps can add character and complement a variety of design styles. This simple yet impactful project can enhance a functional staircase structure and turn it into a decorative feature.

A staircase with painted steps that allow for the staircase to be more than a functional home area, but more a focal beautiful architectural feature.
Walls, Trim & Door: ULTRA PURE WHITE®,  Steps: Jungle Camouflage

Adding Jungle Camouflage as an accent refreshes any space throughout your home. Try it in BEHR PREMIUM Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel or BEHR PREMIUM® Porch & Patio Floor Paints to achieve professional-looking results for floor, furniture cabinetry, trim and wainscoting projects.  To watch and learn how to incorporate an accent color in a small paint project watch the following videos:

How to Paint Cabinets

How to paint Trim

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  • Camouflage presents a serene look for all examples you’ve presented. I’d
    like to use Camouflage for projects around my home. It would be refreshing + a different look for my older walls.

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hi Marilyn, thank you visiting our website and for the amazing feedback! 🙂

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