Trend Color Spotlight: Artful Magenta

artful magenta fireplace
No other color can make you feel more classy and luxurious than this dark, red cast berry- Artful Magenta T17-14. 
This rich and velvety burgundy is a great backdrop for rooms of social activity, such as in this living room.  Artful Magenta is a warm, enchanting, and energetic color, which welcomes and sparks conversation.
Here we’ve paired Artful Magenta with a charcoal accent in Shades On T17-10. Adding a deep accent in furniture and décor will create a dramatic and classic setting.
artful magenta (1 of 2)-2

Walls: Artful Magenta T17-14, Trim: Shades On T17-10

Find this color and more in our 2017 Color Currents brochure.
Colorfully yours,
Lala Mehrabian

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  • Nyasia says...

    What is the paint code for this color?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Thank you for your interest in BEHR Products!
      Are you referring to the colorants that go into the color?

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