Color of the Month: Hybrid

Lamp on wooden table next to grey couch in white living room interior with poster and plants. The wall color is a yellow-green color called Hybrid.
Wall: Hybrid, Baseboard: Polar Bear

June’s Color of the Month Hybrid is a soft, versatile pastel inspired by natural settings and warm sunlight. The light and breezy mix of spring green, yellow and soft gray makes it a great color for a room refresh. Green is often associated with relaxation and tranquility, and yellow is known to promote happiness and positivity. The combination of these two hues creates Hybrid, a unique and harmonious blend.

As the name suggests, Hybrid sits between yellow and green, making it a unique blend of both warm and cool tones. The color is subtle enough to create a soothing atmosphere in rooms that lean towards casual or modern styling.

A can overview of an open paint can, the featured color is called Hybrid.

Hybrid can be a good choice for kitchens as it can create a cheerful and energetic atmosphere.

A casual home kitchen, the color on the walls is a muted pastel yellow-green called Hybrid.
Walls: Hybrid, Cabinets: Smoky White

For example, to create a fresh and airy look in a traditional home office, pair Hybrid with white and a cool tone such as blue or teal.

A updated traditional home office with built-in shelves.  The is wainscoting and trim and molding throughout the room. 
The walls are painted with Hybrid and the back of the shelves are painted with an accent color called Sophisticated Teal.
Wall: Hybrid, Accent (shelves backings): Sophisticated Teal, trim & wainscotting: Whisper White, Ceiling: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

It’s an excellent choice for bedrooms or other areas where you want a sense of relaxation and serenity.

A California modern style bedroom with two large windows and French door leading outside.  The color on the walls is a white tone called Blank Canvas and the accent color behind the bed is a yellow-green called Hybrid.
Walls & baseboard: Blank Canvas, Accent: Hybrid, Ceiling: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

Hybrid is also an excellent choice for smaller rooms, as it can make them feel more spacious and open. It reflects light well, which can help brighten up darker areas.

A Spa like bathroom with a large window. There is white tile and a large modern bathtub. The color on the walls is Hybrid.
Walls: & Baseboard: Hybrid, Window Frame: Polar Bear

Hybrid’s yellow-green undertones can evoke a sense of nature and growth, making it a perfect choice for kids rooms. It is also a tone that can provide a playful and vibrant atmosphere that encourages creativity and imagination.

A large kids rooms featuring a custom bed and frame shaped as a "house". 
The color on the walls creates a soothing atmosphere and the pops of color used throughout the room provide a playful touch to this room.

Walls: Hybrid, Trim: Whipped Cream, Bed frame: Sonic Silver, Ceiling: Winds Breath

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