Create a Statement in any Room with One of These Trending Colors from BEHR.

A bathroom painted in white with an accent wall painted in a vibrant yellow hue.

Behr 2024 Color Trends Palette awakens your spaces with colors that offer endless expression for every design style from rich tones and illuminating neutrals to grounded hues and eye-catching accents.

A palette of 15 colors ranging from white to beiges to bold oranges and, blues, and black.

When you sparingly use bold or bright colors in a room you create a focal point that immediately draws the eye and adds depth and interest. These hues infuse character and transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

A common space for adding an accent color is in the bedroom. Often the accent is placed on the wall behind the headboard as we did in this room. We selected soft and relaxing hues; Provence Blue and Whipped Cream, to keep the mood light and dreamy.

A bedroom with the headboard wall painted in a medium toned blue hue.

Depending on the placement of furniture, walls surrounding a bed also make a good place to add color in a bedroom. The room has plenty of natural light and the deep green helps to keep the feeling cozy. The contrast of Mountain Olive and Even Better Beige is the perfect pairing.

a bedroom with the sidewall painted in a medium green hue.

Using a bold color in the entryway can create a lively and welcoming statement. The front door is a perfect place to add a pop of color. Rumors was used to create an energetic atmosphere.

An interior homes entry with a red painted front door.

If you have a narrow foyer, a cool blue tone will help the room feel more spacious. Laguna Blue adds a splash of uplifting color on a textured statement wall.  

An interior entry with an accent wall painted in a deep blue hue.

The bold golden hue Amber Brew draws you into the room. The space is filled with charismatic energy.

A bathroom painted in white with an accent wall painted in a vibrant yellow hue.

A hallway is another space where color works well. The quiet pink, Malted is visible from the adjacent room and adds a subtle touch of charm and elegance. The glimpse of the soft hue adds an inviting vibe.

A white painted room with a hallway showing in a pink hue.
Living Room

Check out Behr’s Trend 2024 Microsite to see the entire palette and discover more ways to use these trending colors from Behr.

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