Color of the month: Optimum Blue

A collage showcasing a blue home exterior, a indoor living space and multi-tone small subway tile.

Perfect weather is plentiful in July, showing off in the forms of deep blue skies, soft breezes and idyllic temperatures. It’s a month of beckoning beaches, pool decks and patio umbrellas, each calling us outdoors for every available moment. The soothing deep blue of Behr’s Optimum Blue M540-7 perfectly captures the essence of a clear July sky, which is why we’ve selected it as the Color of the Month.

An open can overview showing wet paint in blue color called Optimum Blue.

Optimum Blue is an excellent choice for a chance of pace on a home’s exterior. This well-balanced shade offers just the right amount of cheerful intensity for house paint, especially when adorned with classic white trim. It also stands out well against stone and brick elements in gray and beige tones. 

A large all american suburban home showcasing siding painted in blue color called Optimum Blue.
Facade of the Home: Optimum blue M540-7

A bold, beautiful entryway is a welcoming entryway. Optimum blue, on the top half of the walls of a foyer or entry room, creates a stunning yet relaxing seaside vibe when paired with white on the bottom half of the walls. Wood floors and furniture add to the natural outdoorsy energy of the space. Sand-hued items such as a wicker basket and collectibles in tan and gold complete the seaside atmosphere.

A nice two-toned entryway with a lot of crisp white wood work and  walls painted in blue color called Optimum Blue.
Upper Wall: Optimum Blue M540-7

Optimum Blue is also an excellent accent color in a room with white walls. Paint a stylish chevron-themed design in blue to add a focal area to an otherwise blank space. Pair the artistic detailing with a deep blue armchair and several woven-fiber elements for a chic, refreshing look.

A blue velvet decorative chair.
Blue Decorative Chair

Boost the bedroom’s ability to relax the mind by adding Optimum Blue to one or all of the walls. A focal area in blue, adorned with stamped white anchors, adds a nautical look between white and gray striped walls. The remaining walls, in white or gray, keep the theme subtle yet purposeful and inviting. 

A nautical theme teen room showcasing a solid gray wall, two white and gray walls and a blue accent wall.
Accent Wall: Optimum Blue M540-7

Optimum Blue coating all the walls adds a modern yet classic look to a bedroom using those same gray and white accents. It’s the perfect color to balance out a space that has a wall-sized window or sliding door that lets in lots of light.

A blue bedroom showcasing large wall-sized window and fluffy, comfy bed. 
White painted woodwork including ornate crown molding.
Bedroom Walls: Optimum Blue M540-7

The aptly named Optimum Blue is an optimal color for a bathroom, too. Create a modern yet peaceful look by painting the walls in this hue, accompanied by cabinets in a soft gray. This look pairs well with wood floors and white and gray tiles or bricks.

A well lit large blue bathroom with tub and a lot of gray  storage cabinetry.
Bathroom Accent Color: Optimum Blue M540-7

For an all-white bathroom, an Optimum Blue vanity adds a welcoming pop of color that gives the space a new sense of identity. 

An all white-tiled bathroom with a blue vanity and metallic copped hardware.
Vanity: Optimum Blue M540-7

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  • Laura-Jean Enge says...

    Since blue is my favorite color, I walked around the house trying to find a wall or spot I could paint Optimum Blue. The walls in the living room and dining room are covered with wood panelling and the only walls not done in wood, are white to add light to those rooms. I decided the only place where I could paint Optimum Blue would ber in the bathroom over the bathtub enclosure. Will pose this idea to my husband today to see what he thinks. Hah!

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Laura, that sounds like an amazing idea! It will sure add some color to your bathroom and create a small focal point in there.
      Happy Painting!
      Colorfully Yours,

  • oriole says...

    can you help me find the perfect medium grey to paint my house?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Oriole,
      thank you for visiting our blog!
      Would this be for the interior of your home or exterior?
      Colorfully Yours,

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