Color of the Month: Rumba Orange

A global inspired sitting area painted with orange color called Rumba Orange. A mix of fabric colors and patterns used on upholstery.
Living Room

July is a month when we really start enjoying summer. The days are warm and long, perfect for enjoying treats on the patio and for watching gorgeous skies at dawn and dusk. Behr’s Rumba Orange M230-7 calls to mind those idyllic days and wishing summer would last longer.

The top view of an open paint can and brush, featured color is Rumba Orange.

In the garage, Rumba Orange provides the perfect backdrop for many projects, whether it means cleaning up garden tools, building some planter boxes or rearranging the home workshop space. Orange walls add just the right amount of creative energy to provide the motivation to get those projects done. Using white colored accents, natural wood, and light tones keep the vibe upbeat and energetic.

The interior of a garage with organization shelves and potting bench. Wall are painted in orange color called Rumba Orange.

Inside the home, Rumba Orange adds a cheery, inviting energy that’s bound to bring a smile. With living room walls awash in this pleasing hue, white accents and trim stand out even more. For instance, paint the fireplace surround white, then add a few decorative pieces in white and gray atop and above the mantel. White and light gray furniture looks clean and crisp in this environment. Patterned drapes or curtains in white, orange and red add a playful touch.

A modern-tropical style living room, wall is painted in orange color called Rumba Orange.

Rumba Orange also serves as a clever shade to catch the eye and differentiate one space from another. An orange sliding door or pocket door stands out in the sea of white walls, adding visual interest to the entire view. A desk or table in navy blue stands out beautifully next to the orange door.

Hallway closeup and a single panel door painted in orange color called Rumba Orange.

For a unique round window that deserves to be showcased, paint a horizontal swath of Rumba Orange along the wall leading up to it. This effect is pleasingly retro and yet completely modern at the same time.

A retro living room with a unique paint design, color used on the design is Rumba Orange.

Rumba Orange adds its warmth to rooms painted in dark colors, too. A rumba orange backdrop for white bookshelves makes a dark blue or gray room feel more lively and exciting. This look works quite well for a room with a view, overlooking the yard through sliding doors.

A modern living room featuring white walls dark gray color. The room is accented with an orange paint color called Rumba Orange. The overall feel of the room is modern yet cozy and welcoming.

Jazz up a white or soft gray bathroom with a Rumba Orange vanity. This unexpected look works well with modern furnishings such as a black vessel sink and faucet. A potted orchid adds a hint of nature and serenity.

A closeup detail of a bathroom cabinet and sink. The metal cabinet is painted in orange color called Rumba Orange.

Rumba Orange turns a side table into a focal point in a dark blue or gray space, such as a bedroom or entryway. A white vase or two atop the table lighten up the look of the space.

A gray wall and side orange side table.

Rumba Orange also makes an excellent accent color, even in a bedroom. Mix light wood furniture with white and orange tones for an edgy and eclectic look. Other natural elements such as a woven fiber chandelier and table lamp pair well with the wood floor and the pristine white shades of the bedding, walls and tabletop.

A cozy bedroom interior with comfortable orange chair facing the windows standing next to a wooden small table.

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