Color of the Month: Sophisticated Teal

A home office space carved out in a living room setting. The color on the walls is a dark teal color called Sophisticated Teal.
wall: Sophisticated Teal, trim & ceiling: Whisper White HDC-MD-08

The color teal can add personality and interest to your home decor. As the May Color of the Month, Sophisticated Teal is the perfect hue to experiment with a bold color and discover how to use it to create a stylish and inviting space. Sophisticated Teal — a beautifully blended and deep blue-green — emanates confidence and charisma, ideal for creating stylish, captivating spaces. 

Teal is often associated with calmness and serenity, which can help create a sense of renewal and rejuvenation in a space.

The top view of an open paint can with a half dipped paint  brush.

There is a sense of balance and harmony associated with Sophisticated Teal because it is a mix of blue and green, two colors that are often associated with nature and balance. 

When used on a kitchen island, Sophisticated Teal can serve as a focal point creating a sense of visual interest and depth. The calming effect of teal can help create a sense of balance and tranquility making it a more enjoyable and peaceful place to cook and entertain. Teal can be paired with white or gray cabinets for a crisp and modern look.

A large  modern farmhouse kitchen with dark cabinets and a teal island. The backsplash is white subway tile and the walls are painted in a white color that helps balance out the light in the room.
walls & ceiling: Whisper White, cabinets: Cracked Pepper, island: Sophisticated Teal

Sophisticated Teal works well as a color combination with terra cotta accents. The rich, warm tones of terra cotta can provide a beautiful contrast to the cool, calming hue of teal.

A casual bedroom featuring teal color walls and terracotta decorative accents.
walls: Sophisticated Teal, upper walls & trim: Whipped Cream

Sophisticated Teal makes a great accent in a modern bathroom. This versatile hue can add drama and sophistication while creating a soothing atmosphere ideal to unwind and relax.

The close up image of a modern bathroom with geometric shower tile and  a built-in cupboard painted in a teal color called Sophisticated Teal.
wall & trim: Winter White, accent: Sophisticated Teal

Using metallic gold accents in a teal room can create a beautiful and harmonious space that exudes both elegance and charm.

An oval bookshelf that was painted with a metallic gold spray paint.  The wall behind is a teal that allow the gold tone of the bookshelf to really pop.
wall: Sophisticated Teal, bookcase: Metallic Gold, baseboard: Polar Bear

A teal front door is an eye-catching color for a front door. Its uniqueness creates a memorable first impression and adds instant curb appeal.

A close up image of a siding home exterior.   The siding was painted in a dusty green color called Jungle Camouflage and the door features dark teal color that allows the front entry to be the focal point.
siding: Jungle Camouflage, trim: Blank Canvas, door & windows: Sophisticated Teal

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