Forest Greens

Inspiration Board featuring three green paint drops: Silken Pine, Pinecone Hill, Vine Leaf Images shown are the following: -A living room with a gray couch and blue pillow. Wall is painted in Silken Pine. -An exterior house sitting up on a snowy hill. The home is painted in Vine Leaf. -A dad and his son walking along snowy railroad train tracks dragging a Christmas tree. -A close crop of an exterior door with a wreath hanging from it. The door is painted in Silken Pine. -A close crop of a window. The wall around the window is painted in Pinecone Hill. Outside the window are snow covered trees. -A hallway with a bench. The wall is painted Vine Leaf. -A lit fireplace with the brick part painted in Vine Leaf, the outer part is painted in Pinecone Hill.
Stay warm and relaxed during the holiday season with cozy green hues. Forest greens like Silken Pine N430-7, Pinecone Hill N410-6, and Vine Leaf N400-7 are perfect for this season. These greens not only pair nicely with glittery lights and glowing fireplaces they are also restful and relaxing hues associated with new growth and a sense of hope.
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