Color of the Month: Tranquil Gray

A modern casual bedroom, the color on the walls is a delicate taupe-gray called Tranquil Gray. The black frame canopy bed is dressed with layered neutral bedding and pillows.
wall: Tranquil Gray DC-007                  

Welcome to 2023! After the busyness of the holiday season, January is a great place to pause and reflect on the year ahead. This is a time of introspection and focusing on fresh starts. You may be thinking about a new health and wellness routine or planning out your next vacation getaway. It may also be a good time to think about those updates you’ve been putting off around the house. A new paint color is just the ticket to kick off the year!

Neutrals tones provide a clean slate in any room, providing a background for other whites, neutrals, or accent colors. Tranquil Gray is our feature Color of the Month for January. Not too warm or cool, it is a delicate taupe-gray that whispers on walls, bringing a sense of balance and harmony to home interiors.

Tranquil Gray has a soothing quality that makes it ideal for bedrooms and can be mixed with white, black, and other tinted neutrals for extra relaxation and cozy feel.

The top view of an open paint can, the color of the paint is Tranquil Gray.  A half-dipped paint brush is placed over the top of the open can.

Tranquil Gray is a calming color with an essential quality. Its mid-tone value adds a simple sense of elegance.

A small casual kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel sink and dishwasher, the counter top is light gray granite.
walls: Tranquil Gray DC-007, trim: Natural White DC-005

A monochromatic color combination using Tranquil Gray as the base color offers versatility. It provides enough contrast to emphasize the trim and, board and batten wall treatment of this dining room.                                      

A farmhouse chic dining room with board and batten lower walls. 
The upper wall is painted in the color of the month, Tranquil Gray. 
There is a backroom featuring a fireplace and a small sitting area.
upper walls: Tranquil Gray DC-007, trim / board and batten: Greige PPU24-11, back wall: Whipped Cream DC-001, Fireplace: Midnight Blue N480-7

Tranquil Gray walls look quietly sophisticated in a home office while black furnishings and accents create subtle contrast and a contemporary feel.

A home office with full board and batten walls painted in Tranquil Gray. The décor is mostly black and has a contemporary feel. Some metallic gold accent give this home office a the finishing sophisticated touch.

walls & door: Tranquil Gray DC-007

Tranquil Gray softens cabinetry and built-in bookcases, helping create depth and warmth in a room with light walls and furniture.

The corner of a room featuring built-in shelved painted  with a taupe-gray color called Tranquil Gray. Different décor elements are showcased on the shelves.
walls, trim & door: Blank Canvas DC-003, built-in shelves: Tranquil Gray DC-007

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