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A beautiful bathroom that has been made over by painting the wall and vanity in a dark blue color.

As self-pampering become more important than ever before,  home bathrooms are turning into soothing and restorative escapes.  Transforming a bathroom into a meditative escape does not have to take a lot of time or a special skill set. Built-in tubs are a feature in many older homes and may not always have a pleasing aesthetic. Our budget friendly make-over kept the main elements in the room and upgraded walls, cabinetry, and floors with only a coat of paint.

Three open paint cans with a half dipped brushes.  There is a light warm gray color, a white and a dark, almost black navy blue.

Paint Colors:

Walls: Silver Feather BWC-29  tinted in Interior Flat Finish

Accent wall: Starless Night PPU14-20 tinted in Interior Flat Finish

Trim: Polar Bear 75 tinted in Cabinetry & Trim Interior Semi-gloss

Vanity: Starless Night PPU14-20 tinted in Cabinetry & Trim Interior Semi-gloss

Floor: Polar Bear 75 & Starless Night PPU14-20 tinted in Porch & Patio Floor Paint

Paint can make an impact without replacing large room elements. Neutral colors and limited materials can transform this bathroom into a place of serenity.  Starless Night makes a dramatic and refined accent. Finishing touches such as plants infuse this bathroom with life and color.

A not very exciting looking bathroom, the color of the wall is beige, the sink is made with a natural wood color and the hardware and lighting fixtures are very generic and bland looking.
A completely DIY made-over bathroom. 
The walls have been painted in a trendy light warm gray and an accent color called Starless Night.   The hardware and lighting fixtures have been replaced with an elegant brass finish. The floor has a completely new look with a stylish stenciled design.
walls- Silver Feather BWC-29  accent wall- Starless Night PPU14-20 trim- Polar Bear 75

A couple of few fresh coats of BEHR PREMIUM® Cabinet & Trim Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel  paint can go a long way toward transforming your existing cabinets.  A round mirror soften the hard vanity edges while simple, streamlined sconces omit a warm glow and add depth.

This graphic shows the side-by-side comparison on the the vanity which had been painted with a blue color called Starless Night in a Semi-gloss finish which makes the color standout even more as the light reflects on the paint.   The mirror and hardware was also replace with all brass finish items which elevated the overall look of this vanity area.
painted vanity- Starless Night PPU14-20

Brass faucet and hardware and lighting fixtures create a cohesive look and convey a sense of luxury.

Two side-by-side image showing detailed photos of the new brass hardware on the sink and bathtub.

A painted stenciled floor with BEHR PREMIUM® PORCH & PATIO FLOOR PAINT – LOW-LUSTRE ENAMEL creates a sense of refined texture while a large rug conveys a warm and comforting feel.

A close up shot of the newly designed bathroom floor. The design was created using a white paint color as the base and a dark navy color to create the stenciled design.
floor- Polar Bear 75  stenciled design- Starless Night PPU14-20

Baths play and important part of restoring the mind and body. Natural elements such as a bamboo stool, natural wood brushes, scented candles, bath salts and oils add a therapeutic and calming quality to a home spa. Lightweight, stylish shelves create interesting silhouettes and help maintain an organized display of  spa/bath products.

A vertical shot of the newly designed bathroom, focusing on the toilet side.  A fun and stylish shelf was added to that side of the wall to create visual interest and to display small plant, essential oils, and other small decorative items.

For paint products information and color ideas to transform spaces into relaxed and calming sanctuaries, visit the inspiration galleries on  

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