Mason Jar Flower Display




Mason jar flower display
Our color of the month for June, Breezeway, is a soothing, minty blue-green color.  It is a restful and relaxing color to immerse yourself in on a hot summer day.  We used this lovely color as a backdrop for our summer color, mounted, mason jar flower display.  
Here is what you will need to complete this project.
 Paint- we used breezeway MQ3-21 and Ethereal Mood MQ3-52
Paint tray
Paint rollers and roller covers, or paintbrush
Plywood- cut into 6 – 7”x7” pieces
6 Small Mason Jars
Ribbon in the color of your choice
1″ wood screws
Hot glue
Glue gun
Miter saw and circular saw or hand saw
Power drill or screwdriver
Ruler/measuring tape
Step 1: Measure your wood
With a square ruler, measure your wood and mark it to your desired lengths. The squares in this project were measured and cut into 7″ x 7″ pieces.
Woman's hands taking measurements of the wood board. measuring the board
Step 2: Cut the wood
Use a hand saw to cut the longer lengths and the miter saw for smaller cuts. You can sand your pieces at this point, if desired, to eliminate rough edges.
cutting the board with a handsaw cutting the board with a mitersaw
Step 3: Paint your wood blocks
Paint the front and back of your pieces with a small paint roller or brush.  We chose the color Ethereal Mood MQ3-52 for ours. Allow your pieces to dry then, if needed/desired, apply a second coat and allow to dry.
pouring paint into a paint tray Painting the board
Step 4: Measure ribbon
Wrap a length of ribbon around the middle of the jar.  Wrap it around an additional three times and slip it gently off the jar. Make sure you hold the ribbon together tightly so it doesn’t unravel when removing.  Glue the free edges down with your glue gun after removing from the jar.
Adding glue to the ribbon.
Step 5: Attach ribbon to wood
Measure in from the edges of your wood piece and mark the center point. With a power drill or screwdriver, secure the ribbon to the wood blocks at the center point.
Adding the ribbon on the board and adding a screw in the center of ribbon.Screwing the ribbon onto the board.
Step 6: Slip in jars
After securing the ribbon to the blocks, slide the jars back in the loop. The fit should be tight, so the jar will not fall through once upright.
Jar with ribbon on board.
Step 7: Arrange on wall
Attach blocks to wall in a decorative pattern.  Fill with water and beautiful flowers and enjoy!
Mason jar flower display on wall. Mason jar flower display on wall zoomed in.

Wall: Breezeway MQ3-21, Squares: Ethereal Mood MQ3-52

Colorfully yours,
Lala Mehrabian

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