Do It Yourself: Double Tier Tray & Pumpkins




Thanksgiving table center piece.

Gatherings around the dining table this season will be turned into enjoyable memories as you share laughs, smiles and jokes with your loved ones. This month we wanted to share a DIY project that will definitely be a table topic this holiday season.

Difficulty level: Beginner 

Time to complete: 1 hour

Tiered tray painted in Charismatic PPU6-14 with pumpkins and succulents as decorations.


Overhead shot of materials used for the project.
  • Charismatic PPU6-14
  • Behr Aerosol Chalk Paint
  • 2 Wood Plates ( 14.17 inches x 0.79 inches & 12 inches x 0.79 inches)
  • Large Wooden Candle Holder
  • 4 mini Candlestick holders (1 ⅞ inches x 1 ¾ inches)
  • Faux Pumpkins
  • Paint Brush
  • Wood Glue
  • Painter’s Tape

Step 1: Assemble Tier

Glue large plate to the candlestick

Gluing candle stick to tray.

Glue smaller plate to the top of the candlestick.

Gluing tray on the other side of the candle stick.

Turn your tier over and place the smaller candlesticks in position for the feet. Mark the large plate where they will be placed. Glue on the candlestick feet.

Marking with a pen where the feet of the tray will go
Adding glue to the bottom of the feet that are ready to be put on the tray.

Step 2: Paint

Once the glue has dried, we used our color of the month Charismatic PPU6-14 to paint our tier.

Painting the assembled trays in Charismatic.

Step 3: Painting Faux Pumpkins

Behr’s aerosol chalk decorative paint is a good option when you are looking for a fast color change. It is easy to use and dries fairly quickly. We used the color Gingham to transform our pumpkins.

Set up an outdoor area where pumpkins can be sprayed.

Product shot of Behr Chalk Decorative paint spray paint with a white pumpkin.

Wrap painter’s tape around the stem of the pumpkin.

Spray painting white pumpkin in Gingham.

Once the pumpkins have fully dried, place your pumpkins on and around your tier.

Finished painted pumpkins placed on top of the tier.
Finished tier decorated with pumpkins on a wood table.

Enjoy the holidays and make sure to check out for more inspiration.

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  • Kimberly Thomas says...

    Yes, this looks like a beautiful idea for all seasons! However, did I miss where you might be able to buy wooden plates? As well as different spindles or candlestick holders? I live in the country and there are not many options to shop. I pretty much do online shopping. Do you have any suggestions on where to buy the items needed? Thank you….I’m eyeing this for Christmas!

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Kimberly, thank you for visiting our blog! This was a fun festive holiday project! We purchased the items at our local Craft Store. I am sure there are options online to purchase the items such as
      As for the paint please purchase on The Home Depot website.
      Colorfully Yours,

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