A paint over project of a vintage cooling fan, painted in bright yellow and black.

Working from home and after several consecutive days of 90+ weather, I decided to look for quick cooling alternative without breaking the bank so vintage cooling fan seemed like a great idea. I wanted to make sure this fan became more than just a practical piece so with the help of a couple of spray paint cans, I was able to turn and dusty vintage fan into a beautiful decor element, too.

Prep and painting materials to complete a vintage cooling fan make- over project.

Materials to complete this spray paint project

•A vintage fan

BEHR® Spray Paint

•Small wrench

•Sandpaper block

•Allen wrench

•Brass brush

•Painter’s tape

Remove fan guard and fan blades.

A man's hand removing the fan guard using a small adjustable wrench.
A man's hand carefully removing the fan blades.

Sand and brush all parts.

A man's hand sanding off the old paint from the fan guard.
A man's hand sanding the old paint from the old cooling fan blades.
A man's hand bruising off the paint from the cooling fan's base-stand.

Spray desired color(s) and let paint dry.

A man's hand spraying the fan guard with a bright yellow color called Unmellow Yellow.
Fan blades after their first coat of black spray paint.

Reassemble the cooling fan and voila!

The final result of paint over project. A vintage fan painted in yellow and black gloss spray paint.
Featured Colors: Unmellow Yellow P300-7 & Black

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