New Year’s Inspiration: Midnight in the Tropics

A sitting area with a deep blue velvet chair. In the chair is a dark cream colored soft furry blanket. Next to the chair is a liquor table with fun New Year’s Eve drinks. String lights hare hanging from the wall. Wall is painted in color Midnight in the Tropics.
Ring in this new year with style by surrounding yourself in rich, bold color and sparkling decadence.
Festive and moody, Midnight in the Tropics S480-7 is a deep oceanic blue, perfectly complemented by glittering crystal and gold decor.   With a subtle touch of  warmth Midnight in the Tropics is a blue both welcoming and sophisticated.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for Midnight in the Tropics (a deep jewel-toned blue color).
Dark color makes a memorable statement, bringing an air of elegance to any cocktail party, and an ideal pairing for a glass of champagne.
A tight view of filled champagne glasses with a wall painted in Midnight in the Tropics showing in the background.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
Colorfully yours,
Michelle Davies


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