FAQ: Evergreens

Inspiration mood board featuring four paint squares: Rainforest, Thai Basil, Secluded Woods and Terrarium.
Images shown are the following:
- Thai Basil background with a red holiday present.
- Terrarium wall with a holiday wreath decorated in candy canes, ornaments and pinecones. 
- A beautiful close up of a pine tree. 
- A cozy cabin home painted in Terrarium. This house is surrounded by pine trees and snow. 
- A close up of a fireplace, wood it set up in a basket ready to be burned. The mantle is also decorated with portraits. 
- Wall and door painted in Rainforest making this a deep accent wall.

These bold shades of green provide balance, growth and renewal. Green tones are often restful to the eye, calming to the soul and promote healthy living.

Rainforest M440-7, Thai Basil N400-5, Secluded Woods S420-7 and Terrarium N400-6 are bold enough for an accent wall, or painting the exterior of a home. Another feature is to create a modern look by painting the door, trim and wall.

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