Father’s Day Family Keychains




Four people faced keychains with holder mounted to the wall.
Does your busy dad lose his key all the time?  With this cute keyholder and customized keychain he will know exactly where his keys are, and exactly where they belong- never to loose them again. Problem solved! Get ready to follow these easy steps and surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a special, made with love, gift.
To complete this project, you will need the following materials:
Wood Beads
Leather Cording
Key Rings
Wood Board
Small paintbrushes
Paint (I used Chimney PPU25-22, Flirt Alert P150-7, Sanctuary PPU9-21, Oslo Blue PPU13-13, and Almond Wisp PPU5-12)
Power Drill
Miter or hand saw
Step 1: Drill holes
If needed, use a power drill to make holes in the wood beads.
Drilling a hole into a small wood ball.
Step 2: Paint details
Select beads of different sizes, and paint details that represent the characteristics of your family members. Be sure to give extra attention to your “dad” bead!
Person painting faces onto the small wood balls.
Step 3: Create keychains
Thread the leather cording through a key ring and the beads for each family member. Make an overhand knot at the end of the leather cord to secure. Repeat this step for the remaining family members.
Adding leather rope through the holes in the painted wood balls A closeup view of the finished keychains showing a family with a dad, mom and two daughters.
Step 4: Measure and mark
Use a ruler and mark equal distances on the wood board for the hanging slots.
Wood board with ruler and pencil.
Step 5: Cut hanging slots
Use a miter, or hand, saw to cut 1 inch deep slots on the marked lines.
Cutting slots into wood board.
Step 6: Make a hole (optional)
If you would like to add a decorative element to your key holder, such as a plant, measure and mark a spot on your board.  With a power drill create a hole in the size needed.
Drawing a circle on the wood board. Drilling a hole in the wood board.
Step 7: Sand board
Smooth out any uneven surfaces on the wood board with sand paper
Sanding the wood board.
Step 8: Paint
Wipe board free of dust and paint with a small brush.
Painting the wood board.

Board: Almond Wisp PPU5-12

Step 9: Present to your Pops
Secure keyholder to wall by front door and surprise your dad.  Now he will always know which key to take, and will enjoy hanging his own keys back right where they belong in the family.
 A tight view of an entry showing a section of the door with the keychain holder mounted on the wall.

Upper wall: Swiss Coffee 12, Lower wall: Flamingo Feather M180-3

Happy Father’s Day!
Colorfully yours,
Sha Khezri

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