Flavors of Fall

A collage of pain lids in browns and creams surrounded by fruits and spices.
Apple Turnover M250-3, Sugar Maple S230-5, Cardamom Spice PPU5-17, Perfect Penny S180-6, Cinnamon Tea S200-2, Cider Spice S210-5

Autumn is the time of year when leaves start falling to the ground and brown, orange and yellow hues fill our vision. It is also the time of year when fall flavors hit our taste buds. These colors and flavors go hand in hand for a fall-inspired color palette. There is the sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon and the savory peppery scent of cardamom. The pleasing taste of warm apple cider or mulled wine is the perfect way to warm up after a chilly evening walk. Invite these colors into your home to create a feeling of relaxed comfort.

A kitchen with the walls painted is a light burnt orange color.

In this kitchen, Sugar Maple S230-5 is a soft brown that provides the essence of inviting warmth. It is a welcoming hue for guests who come to visit during the holidays as well as other festivities throughout the year.

A kitchen with the island sides painted in a light burnt yellow color.

Fall inspired hues will spark nostalgia of the great autumn days and at the same time provide versatility all year long. Apple Turnover M250-3 is a smooth golden cream that adds a pop of color in this rustic kitchen.

A kitchen with the cabinets painted in a mauve color.

Cardamom Spice PPU5-17 is a classic earthy brown that pairs well with warm gray and off-whites to bring a dreamy and restorative feeling into a bath area.
Cozy up your home with a dash of fall flavors that can be enjoyed all year round!

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