Guest Bathroom

by Larayne Boaz

A small guest bathroom painted in a white hue can make the room feel light and airy. But, if painted in white with all white fixtures, the room can start to feel a bit blah after a period of time. This is the perfect opportunity to add color, just a splash will make a difference.

A deep and grounding selection of color can add depth and visual interest to your room. We used Secret Meadow S360-6  just above the sink. This is a warm calming color inspired by nature. A natural partner for the light wood floors. It is soothing yet exciting and is an excellent contrast with Melting Icicles BWC-20. The green allows a focal point to the once ordinary all-white walls. 

Bathroom:  Secret Meadow S360-6

When you are done painting, add in an additional pop of color with hand soap. A woven basket in warm tones will complement both of the wall colors and is just what your guest needs to place used towels in. Plants, candles and nature-inspired wrapped toilet paper rolls will make your guest feel extra special. 

Decorative basket for bathroom

Try Secret Meadow S360-6 with Melting Icicles BWC-20 to make a once somewhat ordinary bathroom, less ordinary.

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2 responses to “Guest Bathroom”

  1. Lori T says:

    Love the green accent! Such a fun way to add some color without overdoing it!! Love it!

  2. Shari says:

    This is really helpful for me – I have a hard time including color – but this is so simple and easy and beautiful! Thanks for the tips and inspiration!!

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