Leanne Ford’s Basement Reno

A workroom in the basement with all white walls and white furniture.

With the cold winters in Pennsylvania, it is important for Leanne to have a space inside for her and her family to create and relax. A space for ideas to become reality. The dark and dingy basement once filled with pipes, wires, and debris now works as what she calls her Sub-Studio, a bright, creative space with an art studio, a ceramic studio, and plenty of space for the family to lounge.

It is exactly how I wanted everything to feel, a fresh start.” – Leanne Ford

When it came to picking the paint color, she knew it had to be white. But not just any white. A hue to fit the style of the historic home, but also crisp enough to brighten the space. She picked a white that matched her vision. Blank Canvas, a hopeful and welcoming white with limitless possibilities to transform any vision into a reality… this was the obvious choice for her basement walls.

“it’s warm and welcoming but still clean and fresh with a hint of vintage,” – Leanne Ford

An open paint can showing the color Blank Canvas.

Basements tend to hold moisture which causes mold and mildew. Starting with the right primer, choosing durable, stain-repellent, and moisture-resistant paint products is important.




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A blue bucket of paint

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A can of paint on a black background

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The art studio is filled with all of Leanne’s art supplies. This is her space to play and disconnect from her job.

A sink area for washing up.
An area in the basement with a large lantern light, the space is used for painting.
A seating area with all white walls.

Leanne’s ceramic studio is where she lets her creativity inspire. She likes to dive in with zero plans and see what comes out.

A large area for pottery projects.
Shelving with pottery placed on them.

“It’s creatively beyond inspiring for me to play in here.” – Leanne Ford

The comfy couch and pile of pillows are used to create a relaxing lounge area for Leanne and her family.

A comfy couch placed in the basement.
An area in the basement with a bunch of pillows piled up to use as a lounge area.

Leanne made sure to make every space special. 

A bathroom with all white wall and a mirrored heart shape leaning above the sink.

She used the extra Blank Canvas from the walls to paint furniture, old doors, picture frames, and canvases as part of the renovation.

A work area with a small desk in the basement.

The old doors from her main home were pulled, painted, and recycled as a wall in the new space.

An office area in the basement with white walls and a dark brown table.

For the picture frames and canvases, Leanne poured the extra paint into a baby pool and dipped the frames, fully covering them. Check out the link to see how she went about this: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cu9kSG1OzB_/?img_index=1

A white brick wall with white painted picture frames leaning against it.

A special touch was added with expressions written on the walls and minimalistic designs hand-drawn on the furniture.

A painted brick wall in the basement with the words written on it; "The writing is on the wall".
A sitting area in a basement.

“It’s wild how, when you give your mind space, and you actually have a physical space, you can think freer,”– Leanne Ford

Click on the link to watch a two-minute recap of the renovation   https://www.instagram.com/p/Cu1_lUWubVj/?hl=en

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Design Credit: Leanne Ford Interiors

Interior Styling Credit: Hilary Robertson

Photography Credit: Erin Kelly

Copy References: leannefordinteriors, Instagram reels, DIY Diary

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