Magenta, captivating hues

Inspiration board showing magenta hues. Paint drops featured are the following: Euphoric Magenta, Sugar Beet, Wild Berry. 
Images are of the following:
Greenery with magenta colored flowers.
Dining Room with wood table and floors, walls are painted in a purplish-magenta color.
Living area with a charcoal painted fireplace and walls painted in a reddish-magenta color.
Hallway with lower walls painted in a pinkish-magenta color, upper walls are white. A white console table sits in front of the wall.

The magenta hues used in this palette have purple, red and pink undertones. Each are unique in the feeling they give when used in a space. They are all captivating and make a room feel special, cozy, and attractive.

The walls painted in Euphoric Magenta adds character to this once simple, somewhat rustic dining area. The purplish-magenta color is deep and sophisticated. The wood tones look rich within the backdrop of this hue. The simplicity look is now slightly upscaled, just enough for family gatherings to feel special.

This cozy room painted in Sugar Beet is perfect for settling into on cold winter nights. This hue is velvety and rich and pairs well with others of the like. The charcoal fireplace nicely grounds the jewel tones. The overall feel is warm and cozy.

In the hallway, having the lower walls painted in Wild Berry, and upper walls white give the space interest. This hue is bright and bold. The white console table pops against the magenta. The art, with touches of pink and golden hues adds the final touch needed to complete the look.

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