A Big Night for Color

Glamorous deep purple bathroom.
It’s the one night a year that defines Hollywood.  Stars sparkle across the sky and along the red carpet.  Anticipation builds to see who will win and who will be robbed, who will be setting the evening gown trend for the year, and who will commit the biggest fashion faux pax.  There just isn’t anything quite like the Academy Awards.

More than the show itself, I love to watch the pre-ceremony red carpet strut.  As each celebrity arrives it’s an unveiling of the next big thing in color and design.  Believe it or not, fashion is a leading source for color trends in interior design. What we see waltzing down the red carpet can be a glimpse of the future colors, sheens and patterns lining up to grace our beds, couches and floors the following season.
If you didn’t get a chance to watch, here are some of the adorned color and design themes, translated into interior paint colors.
A kitchen painted in jewel-toned colors. Paint drops in red, orange, green, blues, purple and grays.
Critiquing fashionistas agree, jewel tones were the predominant color choice for this year’s ceremony. Rich, clear and strong like the dazzling jemstones they emulate, these colors make a bold statement.
A blue living room. Paint drops in blue, gray and yellow.
All that glitters is not gold, and that was true of last night.  I saw glittering everything- even some things that shouldn’t have.  Stunning silvers, gunmetals, golds and iridescents dazzled their way down the carpet.
A sitting area painted in black with red trim.  Paint drops in black, gray and red.
In attendance as always, black is a main staple of fashion.  Though it’s always present, it’s interesting to see how designers will reinterpret it, keeping it fresh and exciting.  This year I saw black embellished through pops of color and pattern, along with a mixing and matching of fabrics.
A purple bedroom living room. Paint drops in different hues of purple.
There’s always that one outfit where you can’t decide if it’s a fashion masterpiece or should never see the light of day again.  I saw quite a few of those- loved the color, but not on that particular individual, or for this type of event… Anyway I love monochromatic layering- enough said.
I hope you enjoyed this brief review of Hollywood’s crown jewel.  Keep your eyes open for these colors and trends to start popping up in interior design.
Colorfully yours,

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