October Hues

An inspiration board featuring paint colors; black (BroadwayPPU18-20), white (Smoky White BWC-13), orange (Maple Glaze PPU3-16) Images are of the following:  A farmhouse style home painted in white with the pop out of the home in black. The front door is painted orange.  A bedroom with white painted brick walls. The upper half of one wall is painted black. Bedding is black and white print.  A white brick wall with black hanging lights in front. A living room all in white with a dog sitting on the couch. The dog is wearing a black and white striped shirt. A bathroom with the upper walls painted in orange, bottom painted in black. The sink is white and gray marble with gold faucets. The mirror is round and framed in gold. A boy with a skeleton costume on and pumpkin cut-outs covering his eyes. An exterior front porch. On the porch sits a chair with a pillow and table with a candle.

October is known to be the spookiest month of the year. When the skies become dark and haunted, we are surrounded by witches’ hats and Halloween bats. Hazy fog, spiderwebs, and ghostly spirits fill the air. All this chill is offset by the sweet spice of seasonal pumpkins, the pop of autumn colors in the leaves, and the sugary candy corn treats we love to eat. These October hues; Broadway PPU18-20, Smoky White BWC-13, and Maple Glaze PPU3-16, are representative of just that.

As the air gets cooler, enjoying the last few warm nights outside is a must. This means we want to pay extra attention to our exterior. Broadway is a deep slate shade of black that adds a vast amount of visual interest. This hue updates the typical Farmhouse style with a modern twist.  Adding Maple Glaze to the door is just the right amount of color to draw attention to the entry. The combination of these three colors will have your home looking festive.

Getting plenty of rest is important as always. In this bedroom the brick was painted Smoky White and upper wall Broadway. The white color freshens up what once was a traditional look, while the black evokes more of a classic feel. With the addition of black bell pendant light, wood floors and modern styling, the overall feel is fresh and classic – a space that will comfort you after a night of ghost stories with your family.

The combination of Maple Glaze and Broadway make a statement in this bathroom. This combination pairs well with the gold and white accents. The orange glow enhances the slate gray making a statement that is rich with character.

Porches serve as a transitional area between the indoors and outside world.  It is the perfect place to gather as we celebrate the fall holiday with social distancing and drive-by festivities. We want a safe place to sit that is warm and welcoming. This home surrounded by Smoky White and added details in Broadway give the porch the comforts we need to keep the normalcy in our lives.

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