Trend Color Spotlight: Soul Search

A modern dining room painted in a deep blue color called Soul Search T18-14. Decorative elements include a white ceramic plates and metallic gold-ware, a modern lighting fixture and an abstract painting.
When selecting color for a dining room, the first thing that might come to one’s mind is the thought that warm hues such as yellow, orange and red stimulate the appetite and are the ideal colors to use. Though this is true, to some extent, it isn’t a constraint on what colors can be used in a dining room. Don’t be afraid to break away and run with a bold blue like Soul Search T18-14 -a deep, soothing, aquatic blue inspired by the ocean depths.
A top view of an open paint can showcasing blue wet paint.
Dining rooms should be convivial, welcoming and comfortable, a place to converge, dine, entertain and bond with your family.  Soul Search can bring all this and more.  The warm undertone of this blue, makes it a perfect pairing for gold metallic accents and blonde woods, creating a dining room with a beautiful and contemporary yet–eclectic feel.
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  • Sarita says...

    I love the color and it looks beautiful in matte. I just started painting the office and can’t wait to see the finish product. Love it!!

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Thank you so much for sharing Sarita!

      Happy Painting!

      Colorfully yours,

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