A Colorful New Year

A collage of images representing color of five paint swatches in light blue, dark blue, yellow, aqua, and white.
I love the opportunity that a new year brings. Every year we get 365 more chances to step out of our comfort zone and into something new. My 2018 “something new” is going to be a bedroom makeover with inspiration from a phenomenon that’s making its country a top travel destination – the Icelandic Northern Lights.
The color options are endless, both in the Northern Lights and in the paint aisle. The vivid hues of the Northern Lights against the darkness of the Icelandic night sky remind me of the jewel-toned color trend that we’ll continue to see a lot of in 2018. While inspiration and options are great, too many of either will cause burnout. Inspiration overload is real, and BEHR’s Color Clinic is here to help.
BEHR’s Pins to Palettes is a great way to turn inspiration into action. With hundreds of thousands of pins to draw inspiration from, the tool turns your favorite ideas into a custom color palette. Night Flight is the perfect color to cover my walls, emulating the Northern Lights’ night sky without making the room too dark or solemn. Swirling greens and light blues add brightness to the room with accent pillows, artwork and rugs in those shades. Using the Pins to Palettes tool, I brought the Northern Lights from Iceland right into my bedroom.
Dreamy colors featured in my bedroom makeover mood board include Aerial View S530-3, Night Flight S520-7, Reviving Green P340-3, Blue Square S460-5 and Frost 57. Want them all? Go here to shop my custom color palette.
Join BEHR color experts like myself and your favorite DIY influencers for our first Color Clinic event of 2018 as we go live January 25-26 to answer your most pressing color questions. Let’s tackle your inspiration overload together and get you started on your next project.
To learn more about the event visit behr.com

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