Color of the Month: Gratifying Gray

walls: First Snow DC-006, cabinets: Gratifying Gray DC-008

August is one of those months that sneaks up on the calendar when we realize the year is more than half over. It is a month of subtle transformation from full-blown summer to the first signs of fall. August is also a month packed with activities from back-to-school planning to taking that last weekend getaway. As the year starts to wind down, we start seeking moments of reflective calm.

In our latest Color of the Month edition, we look at Gratifying Gray  — a neutral hue from the BEHR® DESIGNER COLLECTION. Washed in beige with trace green and yellow undertones, this versatile gray is perfect for spaces that welcome the sunlight and those that keep their cool. Gratifying Gray excels here — helping balance a room’s palette with a hue that calms as it envelops.

Both traditional and modern, Gratifying Gray is a neutral maestro for its ability to accent different hues. It works exceptionally well with other neutrals, and it balances intensely shaded and muted tones. From foggy blue-grays and shaded gray-purples to muted blue-reds and earthy tan-greens, there’s a world of color waiting to meet Gratifying Gray. 

Hallways painted in this versatile hue speak of refinement and down-to-earth charm. There’s a give and take here, as the color brings out the warmth of natural wood and the clean lines and cool tones of metalwork accents. 

walls: Gratifying Gray DC-008, trim: Whipped Cream DC-001

From the bedroom to the study or lounge, walls painted in Gratifying Gray create an inviting yet sophisticated space. Welcome the relaxed feeling as you settle into a cozy chair to read a chapter or contemplate joyful summer experiences. 

wall: Gratifying Gray DC-008, trim: Blank Canvas DC-003

Calm slumbers await when you paint your bedroom walls in this neutral hue. Our thoughts naturally drift to soft textiles, organic fibers, and natural wood grain furniture, so a backdrop that speaks of serenity and relaxation is a heavenly match indeed.

wall: Gratifying Gray DC-008

Used as exterior paint, Gratifying Gray brings a chic look to your home. We like to call it the “castle sweet castle” illusion. As a light base gray with purity and elegance, it creates curb appeal, extends neighborhood sophistication, and draws the eye upward. 

Newly built home with gorgeous colored landscaping
house body: Gratifying Gray DC-008 trim: Statement White DC-002

Whether adding bedroom serenity or exterior stateliness, Gratifying Gray delivers a soothing sense of satisfaction to your home. Our August Color of the Month is the perfect answer to summer’s end and the calmness that follows. 

To learn more about Gratifying Gray and explore the entire BEHR® DESIGNER COLLECTION visit or your local Home Depot store.

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  • Mara says...

    Hello! I can’t tell if my comments are posting. I’m looking for guidance on Greige or Gratifying gray. We have a 4000 sq ft house with all honey oak doors, trim, cabinets. I want to refresh it but replacing it all to white is not an option. What would be better? I would ideally like a house with gray walls and white trim but this is where we are for now 🙂

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Mara, thank you for visiting our blog!
      Both of those colors would be great to use for a gray look in your home.
      I recommend purchasing 8oz samples of each color and paint a swatch on your wall to see what you like best. It will help you to visualize the color.

      Colorfully Yours,

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