Cozy Winter Colors

A home entry-mudroom with storage and built-in bench. the walls are painted with a green color called Pinecone Hill.
walls: Pinecone Hill, trim: First Snow, door: Kindling

Beyond the frosty whites of snowy landscapes found at the heart of winter, we draw on colors of the great outdoors to reimagine our homes.

Deep greens paired with creamy whites help us feel cozy and warm all year long. Pinecone Hill is a dark forest green that creates the ambiance of a charming, woodsy retreat in any room.

This rustic bedroom features painted beadboard on the headboard wall, in a dusty dark navy color called Midnight Blue.
walls: Tranquil Gray, accent wall: Midnight Blue, Trim: First Snow

After a day of outdoor winter adventures, there is nothing like coming home to a welcoming and comfortable space.  Tranquil Gray is quiet taupe-gray and  Midnight Blue is a deep blue-gray with a hint of black, inspired by the deep days of winter and ideal for relaxing and ready to comfort you during a peaceful night’s sleep.

An industrial-rustic dining room with built-in shelves and fireplace. The dining table and stool are made of natural wood.  Brown paint is used on the accent wall.
left wall: Cocoa Craving,  right wall: First Snow

When temperatures drop outside there’s nothing better than sipping on a hot beverage to keep us warm. Cocoa Craving is mid-tone chocolatey brown that will keep us cozy and content on a snowy day and all year round.

The corner of a contemporary living room features a lit fireplace, a comfy bench, a blanket and candles. Kindling is a dusty brown color used on the walls.
walls: Kindling

Want to shake off the chill of winter? Kindling is a deep taupe-gray that creates a sense of everyday luxe, ideal for welcoming and toasty settings to gather and share the warmth and comforts of home.

featured colors: Tranquil Gray, Kindling, Pinecone Hill, Midnight Blue, Cocoa Craving, First Snow.

For more ideas on how to use these nature inspired colors to add warmth and a real sense of welcome to any space, visit

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  • Annie says...

    Is it just me? I am so bored with gray and grayed-out colors, with dark dusky blues running a close second. Pinecone Hill trimmed out with First Snow is a lovely, refreshing breath of fresh air, cozy and inviting. Thank you for featuring one of nature’s most beautiful year-round colors; a long-awaited departure from gray.

  • CEFox says...

    Looks like we have a paint for our living room [tranquil gray] – after trying a bunch of your colours. This is not an easy decision to make .

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