Mother’s Day Project: Hand Painted Utensils




A counter showing a cup filled with coffee. The words “Best Mom Ever” if printed on the cup. Next to the cup is a ceramic container holding wood utensil. The end of each utensil is painted, and inspirational words are written on them; Grace, Strong, Wise, Love.
This Mother’s Day, put yourself in your mom’s shoes (not literally). Would she feel how much you love her if you gave another store-bought gift? Or, could you better convey how you feel by making something personal and useful? If it’s the latter, we have a simple and practical idea for you.
To create these paint-dipped wooden utensils you will need the following materials:
Tools needed to create the painted wood utensil project.

  • Bamboo Utensils
  • Foam Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Waterbased Sealer
  • Wood Burning Tool
  • Paint (we used the following colors)

Paint Swatches - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint colors for: Peach Mimosa, Luscious Lemon, Hydrangea Bouquet, Spring Stream, Bluebird, Ballroom Blue, and Zesty Apple.
Peach Mimosa HDC-MD-18, Luscious Lemon HDC-MD-24, Hydrangea Bouquet HDC-CT-08A, Spring Stream PPU12-07, Bluebird PPU15-12, Ballroom Blue PPU15-14, Zesty Apple HDC-MD-15
Step 1: Tape
Apply painters tape firmly around the bamboo utensils to prevent any paint from leaking under the tape.
Showing tape applied to the utensils for where the paint should stop.
Step 2: Paint
Using desired paint colors and foam brush applicator; evenly paint the handles making sure not to over saturate the utensil.
A close up view of one utensil showing someone starting to paint.
Step 3: Dry
Allow first coat to dry. Placing the painted side up in a cup or off the edge of a table might be helpful. Repeat step 2 for second coat if necessary/desired.
Showing the painted utensils leaning on a roller for paint to dry.
Step 4: Remove Tape
Once the paint is dry to touch remove the painter’s tape carefully.
Person is removing tape from the utensil.
Step 5: Engrave handles
Using the wood burning tool engrave your design carefully. In this case, words that remind you of your mom. Remove any wood residue flakes before proceeding to the next step.
Person using a wood burning tool to burn in inspirational words.
Step 6: Seal
Using a clean foam blush and a non toxic dishwasher safe sealer, thinly coat handle covering any painted surface.  Dry and cure before using.
Showing a person applying a clear coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Waterbased Sealer to the painted area.
We hope this inspires you to create something special for your mom on her special day. Happy Mother’s Day!
The finished project: Wood utensils handles painted in green, pink, yellow and purple with inspirational words written on them.
Colorfully yours,
Jessica Manzo


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